The jewelry I create reflects my style and mantra that everyone should be able to feel beautiful regardless of how much you make.

Tanya G. Jewelry LLC. officially started in January 2009, after several of my friends viewed my jewelry and began placing orders. I found myself at a cross roads with my career and decided to tap into my artistic side. Making jewelry was therapeutic and taught me that anything is possible with imagination. With the support of my friends and family, I began creating several unique pieces, inspired by my spirit, style and personality.

Tanya G. Jewelry offers clients fashionable jewelry with an affordable price. Each jewelry piece is one of a kind and can be made to order. You will never have to worry about anyone owning the same piece of jewelry as you. Our main theme is be unique, be yourself but don't break the bank.

All of our jewelry pieces are versatile to suit the needs of the client.

Take your time and browse my shop. Please feel free to contact me with questions or customization requests.

Happy Shopping,

-Tanya G.

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